How to specify the login_required redirect url in django?

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I have a view function:

def myview():
    # do something
    # respond something

How can I specify the exact URL for this view function to be redirected?

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Solution 1 - Django

LOGIN_URL in your settings


Solution 2 - Django

you can do this in your view works fine for me without declaring in

from django.contrib.auth.decorators import login_required

@login_required(login_url='/example url you want redirect/') #redirect when user is not logged in
def myview(request):
    do something
    return something #returns when user is logged in

Solution 3 - Django

default login url is: '/accounts/login/'
if you want to change it then go to


Solution 4 - Django

this from documentation should be helpful:

def my_view(request):

Solution 5 - Django

Go to your You can add this anywhere in your file but i prefer to place it at the bottom. LOGIN_URL = '/login/'

NOTE: '/login/' is the URL segment that brings the user to the login page. The complete URL is similar to this "".

Solution 6 - Django

In django project settings

add below code

LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL = 'path/to/url'

and then import this LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL in your views and add


to the top of your views you want to restrict it will work

Solution 7 - Django

you can also take url from view

for example

path('login/', login_view, name='login_name'),

then decoratorwill be



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