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I watched the DNR TV episode with Glenn Block and it looks like MEF would be useful for my company. I am trying to find out more information on it's strengths and weaknesses and some sample projects that use it. Are there any good blogs/tutorials on using MEF?

Note: I use C#, so if the examples are in C#, that would be awesome.

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Mike Taulty recently did a set of screencasts on using MEF in Silverlight, which should be a good introduction to MEF.

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I've done an ever growing series on MEF from the very basics into more advanced stuff planned in the near future.


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I wrote this MEF demo article on CodeProject, and all the code is open sourced.

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Microsoft Docs is a good start

Kathleen Dollard has some good materials as well

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If you're looking for information on the latest version of MEF that is shipping with the next .NET Framework, the definitive source of information is the BCL Team Blog on MSDN.

(MEF is part of the .NET Base Class Libraries.)

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Dependency Injection in .NET by Mark Seemann has a section on MEF, as well as Castle Windsor, StructureMap, Spring.NET, Autofac, and Unity.


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