What is the best free SQL GUI for Linux for various DBMS systems


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As I make the full switch from Windows to Linux (CentOS 5) I'm in search of the best free GUI SQL Client tool for MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, etc... any suggestions?

I've tried DBVisualizer (The best bet so far but still limited by the free version, not all functionality is there), MySQL GUI Tools (Good but only for MySQL, need other DB's as well) and Aqua Data Studio (Same as DBVis, it's good but a lot of the functionality is missing in the free version).

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I can highly recommend Squirrel SQL.

Also see this similar question:

Developer tools to directly access databases

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I'm sticking with DbVisualizer Free until something better comes along.

EDIT/UPDATE: been using https://dbeaver.io/ lately, really enjoying this

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I use SQLite Database Browser for SQLite3 currently and it's pretty useful. Works across Windows/OS X/Linux and is lightweight and fast. Slightly unstable with executing SQL on the DB if it's incorrectly formatted.

Edit: I have recently discovered SQLite Manager, a plugin for Firefox. Obviously you need to run Firefox, but you can close all windows and just run it "standalone". It's very feature complete, amazingly stable and it remembers your databases! It has tonnes of features so I've moved away from SQLite Database Browser as the instability and lack of features is too much to bear.

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For Oracle, I highly recommend the free Oracle SQL Developer


The doucmentation states it also works with non-oracle databases - i've never tried that feature myself, but I do know that it works really well with Oracle

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I tried many GUI's, and the best for me continue being "SQLyog-comunity" by using wine. Is complete, is nice, and is intuitive. (and in wine work perfect)


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