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Since version 15, IntelliJ warns me about code duplicates.

In some cases this might be intentional, so I want to ignore/suppress this warning by using the @SuppressWarnings annotation. But what is the correct value for this?

Edit: I'm not asking for disabling this kind of inspection completely as in question

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This works for me. You have to set it on both classes/methods if you want to suppress the warning both places.

private void myDuplicatedMethod() {

Solution 2 - Intellij Idea

Just saw this and thought I would throw this in for posterity. To suppress for just one block rather than the whole method, you can use a line comment:

//noinspection Duplicates

(I also find it handy to do this for unchecked) (I'm using version 2016-2, but I think this has been around awhile)

Solution 3 - Intellij Idea

Thank you for all the answers. There is also another more generic approach to suppress warnings:

  1. Place the cursor within the code that gives you a warning
  2. Hit Alt+Enter
  3. Go to the warning entry (in this case "Navigate to duplicate")
  4. Don't hit Enter but ā†’ (right arrow)
  5. Now you can select some suppressing options (for class/method/statement)

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