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I am trying to search some code in a branch in a GitHub repository.

However this indicates that I can only search the default branch.

Is there a way I can search code in non-default branch in my GitHub repository?

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Solution 1 - Git

Not from the GitHub web interface itself, as mentioned in "How can I search for a commit message on GitHub?": only the default branch (generally master) is indexed.

Your best bet is to clone the repository, and there, search in all branches (with git log -S for instance).

Solution 2 - Git

Using console, I would search for specific code in a specific branch with the following

git grep 'my_search_text' my_branch
  • my_branch should be available locally

  • git grep can perform pattern matching of high complexity (see the documentation)

Solution 3 - Git

If you know the filename you can use Find File.

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