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Anyone know of an easy way to style a website with a windows phone 7 like metro theme ?
Either a CSS or a jQuery-based theme would work.

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Solution 1 - Jquery

This can help:

UPDATE (Sep 2011):

The library is now becoming more complete towards supporting all metro-style controls and a jquery-mobile extension for developing metro-style HTML5 mobile apps.

Solution 2 - Jquery

Try out It's a nice tool for generating Metro UI themes for jQuery UI. You can configure the colors to match your website's color scheme.

Solution 3 - Jquery

This question was asked a long time ago but since it still shows up in a search...

Very nice looking metro UI:

Seams to look better in IE due to anti-aliasing.

Solution 4 - Jquery

This site provides a full php/html/css/javascript framework for metro ui:

Solution 5 - Jquery

Well here's another Jquery metro plugin. Metro JS. Actually it's quite impressive. You should give it a shot.

Solution 6 - Jquery

Found another one here:

Seems to be more based on tiles rather than menus, though.

Solution 7 - Jquery

Not to sound flippant, but CSS? ASP.NET MVC 3 doesn't (to my knowledge) use controls like ASP.NET does, so you're writing and styling the views yourself.


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