How to return HTTP 400 response in Django?

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I want to return a HTTP 400 response from my django view function if the request GET data is invalid and cannot be parsed.

How do I do this? There does not seem to be a corresponding Exception class like there is for 404:

raise Http404

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Solution 1 - Django

From my previous comment :

You can return a HttpResponseBadRequest

Also, you can create an Exception subclass like Http404 to have your own Http400 exception.

Solution 2 - Django

You can do the following:

from django.core.exceptions import SuspiciousOperation
raise SuspiciousOperation("Invalid request; see documentation for correct paramaters")

SuspiciousOperation is mapped to a 400 response around line 207 of

Solution 3 - Django

If you're using the Django Rest Framework, you have two ways of raising a 400 response in a view:

from rest_framework.exceptions import ValidationError, ParseError

raise ValidationError

# or 
raise ParseError

Solution 4 - Django

Since Django 3.2, you can also raise a BadRequest exception:

from django.core.exceptions import BadRequest

raise BadRequest('Invalid request.')

This may be better in some cases than SuspiciousOperation mentioned in another answer, as it does not log a security event; see the doc on exceptions.


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