How to recover a RSA public key from a byte[] array?


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I'm wondering if it's possible to recover a RSA public key that I have converted to byte array previously.

byte[] keyBytes = publicKey.getEncoded();

Thanks for the help.

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Solution 1 - Java

PublicKey publicKey = 
    KeyFactory.getInstance("RSA").generatePublic(new X509EncodedKeySpec(bytes));

For more info">see this tutorial

Solution 2 - Java

For others who want to get private key instead of public key from byte array:

PrivateKey privateKey = KeyFactory.getInstance("RSA").generatePrivate(new PKCS8EncodedKeySpec(privateKeyBytes));

Solution 3 - Java

Great answer. Thanks for the link. Just for complete, I found this

SecretKey key2 = new SecretKeySpec(data, 0, data.length, "DES");

and just worked very well.


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