How to get a random number between a float range?

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randrange(start, stop) only takes integer arguments. So how would I get a random number between two float values?

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Solution 1 - Python

Use random.uniform(a, b):

>>> random.uniform(1.5, 1.9)

Solution 2 - Python

if you want generate a random float with N digits to the right of point, you can make this :

round(random.uniform(1,2), N)

the second argument is the number of decimals.

Solution 3 - Python

random.uniform(a, b) appears to be what your looking for. From the docs:

> Return a random floating point number N such that a <= N <= b for a <= b and b <= N <= a for b < a.

See here.

Solution 4 - Python

From my experience dealing with python, I can only say that the random function can help in generating random float numbers. Take the example below;

import random

# Random float number between range 15.5 to 80.5
print(random.uniform(15.5, 80.5))

# between 10 and 100
print(random.uniform(10, 100))
The random.uniform() function returns a random floating-point number between a given range in Python

The two sets of code generates random float numbers. You can try experimenting with it to give you what you want.

Solution 5 - Python

Most commonly, you'd use:

import random
random.uniform(a, b) # range [a, b) or [a, b] depending on floating-point rounding

Python provides other distributions if you need.

If you have numpy imported already, you can used its equivalent:

import numpy as np
np.random.uniform(a, b) # range [a, b)

Again, if you need another distribution, numpy provides the same distributions as python, as well as many additional ones.


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