How do you get the currently selected <option> in a <select> via JavaScript?

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How do you get the currently selected <option> of a <select> element via JavaScript?

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Solution 1 - Javascript

This will do it for you:

var yourSelect = document.getElementById( "your-select-id" );
alert( yourSelect.options[ yourSelect.selectedIndex ].value )

Solution 2 - Javascript

The .selectedIndex of the select object has an index; you can use that to index into the .options array.

Solution 3 - Javascript

var payeeCountry = document.getElementById( "payeeCountry" );
alert( payeeCountry.options[ payeeCountry.selectedIndex ].value );

Solution 4 - Javascript

Using the selectedOptions property:

var yourSelect = document.getElementById("your-select-id");

It works in all browsers except Internet Explorer.


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