Alternative to SIMILE Timeline for timeline visualization?


Javascript Problem Overview

So I have been having lots of fun playing with SIMILE Timeline, but unfortunately, it appears to be all but abandoned (most recently closed ticket May 2009) and riddled with memory leaks, especially when you are dynamically loading and unloading events (which is especially true in my case).

I am a novice in JavaScript, so debugging these leaks is going to be more than a little complicated. Before I dive head-first into fixing a problem in a language I don't understand or a codebase I have never looked at, I want to know if there is anything out there that compares to the feature-set that I can get with Timeline:

  1. Multiple events on one band
    • instead of having 10, 100, 1000 rows of data, use the space available to fit multiple events on one line when possible
  2. Scrollable
  3. CSS styling down to the specific event
    • I can specify a specific icon, font, etc., for each event if I need to. This is great for highlighting error events or interesting events
  4. filtering/searching/highlighting
  5. highlighting a band of time or point in time
    • This would be a vertical band that shows a 'now' moment, or a band that covers a time period's start and end time">

I know that alot of these features can probably be put into things such as Flot or HighCharts, but these things were next to free for me to use in Timeline, so I'm weighing the cost/benefit of whether it is easier to fix a memory leak or roll out 3 - 4 features on some library that doesn't have it. My gut says "fix the leak, it's easier", but I would like to know if anyone can show me something that might be 90% of the way there with a low barrier of entry to getting that other 10%.

Javascript Solutions

Solution 1 - Javascript

Maybe you can use the Timeline from the (open source) CHAP Links Library, developed by Almende.

Have a look at the examples to see what you can do with the Timeline. It is quite flexible, you can choose your create your own layout and use your own CSS/HTML in each individual event.

Solution 2 - Javascript

Check out Timeglider (see which is an open source (MIT), JavaScript (uses jQuery) scrolling timeline under active development. It meets your first 4 requirements I believe but I am unclear about the specifics of your 5th requirement. I have only done some simple experiments with Timeglider and don't know it very well but maybe this is a potential solution for you.

Solution 3 - Javascript

We needed the Simile Timeline at Lab 21k so we took the source code, cleaned it up and published it using bower. So you don't need an alternative anymore.

Solution 4 - Javascript

The Timeline project is very much alive, they just don't use Google Code anymore. The Simile widgets are now hosted on a dedicated homepage, here is the homepage and documentation of Timeline. Keep in mind that the links on the page are not consistent, many pages still link to the outdated wikis on Google Code and the wiki pages. Keep that in mind when checking the wiki.

There is also an active mailing list on Google Groups.

Solution 5 - Javascript

This is probably the best one around right now:

Solution 6 - Javascript

I'm actually working with the Simile Timeline in a project of my called Event Viewpoint. I've fixed quite a lot of bugs and enhanced it with many contributions that I have found online including images for the event, a zoom bar, and some additional events.

It is a brilliant piece of work just needs someone to take the time to update it and make it more current. That is currently out of scope for my project, but if I have time in the next year or so I will start to enhance it.

It would really be great if people could revive the project, add touch events and so on.

If someone needs the source I am willing to provide it.

Solution 7 - Javascript

They’re still very active. David Karger makes frequent updates. Now they have the version 3.0. You can find reference documentation here:

The code is here:

Solution 8 - Javascript

I don't know exactly what you want, but i'm working on this jquery plugin that it's being used in a website with dynamically managed events.


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