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This may seem like a silly question but does anyone know how to zoom in/out of the editor window in android studio? I have actually researched it before people give me minus marks. Ctrl+ and Ctrl- seem to fold and unfold methods, there is no zoom control in the view drop-down and all the googleing ive done has referred my to zoom the control feature of a WebView. Am i missing something?

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Solution 1 - Android Studio

Modify the settings of the android studio as shown below

Step 1: Open Android Studio and Go to File

Step 2: Open Settings

Step 3: Click on Editor

Step 4: Click General

Step 5: Check Change font size (Zoom) with Ctrl+Mouse Wheel (as shown in below snapshot)

enter image description here

Solution 2 - Android Studio

In Preferences > Editor, there's an option "Change font size (Zoom) with Command+Mouse Wheel". (I'm on MacOS; on other platforms it might be control+mouse wheel).

You can also go into Preferences > Keymap > Editor Actions > Decrease Font Size/Increase Font Size/Reset Font Size and bind some keys to those commands.

IntelliJ and Android Studio have decent built-in search for finding application functions. In the preferences dialog, you can just start typing to do search (you can just start typing from a lot of places in the UI to begin a search); there's also a search box.

There's a key binding for searching actions by name; on MacOS it's command-shift-A. That's a super-handy feature.

Solution 3 - Android Studio

When i update the android studio to the latest version now 2.0 the font changed and became bigger.

the provided solutions allow a change of font size just for the current page (opened page) if you want to change your entire font size of android studio you have to do this :

go to Settings>Editor>Colors&Fonts>Font

then click on "save as" and create a new profile name it "my profile" for example

enter image description here

and finally you can put the font of that profile, i put 12 so it was the previous version

Solution 4 - Android Studio

There is a alternative way to do zoom of my code, using View --> Enter presentation Mode

enter image description here

Solution 5 - Android Studio

On a 2016 Macbook air without an external mouse, do the accepted answer, and pinch on the trackpad to shrink the text, reverse pinch to enlarge.

Solution 6 - Android Studio

For MacBook Users:

To change font size:

Select **Android Studio** menu (which is present next to Apple icon)-->Preferences--->Editor-->Font-->Size(give size)-->ok

To zoom in and out in Editor:

Select **Android Studio** menu -->Editor-->General-->change font size (zoom) with command and mouse wheel-->ok


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