What's the advantage of scrypt over bcrypt?


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I'm looking at ways to securely store passwords. Some people claim that scrypt is "better" than bcrypt, and so far I've seen nobody who claims vice versa or that scrypt is insecure, though some call bcrypt "more reputable".

What's the advantage of scrypt over bcrypt? According to the scrypt website, "the cost of a hardware brute-force attack against scrypt is roughly 4000 times greater than the cost of a similar attack against bcrypt". If that's the only advantage then can't I just use bcrypt with a larger number of rounds?

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With scrypt in addition to increasing computation you can increase the amount of memory needed to compute the hash. This doesn't bother software implementations much but is much harder to implement with hardware - which is what a dedicated attacker is likely to develop and use.

bcrypt (and PBKDF2) use constant, and small, amounts of memory.


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