What's a decent SFTP command-line client for windows?

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Most of the windows SFTP clients (like FileZilla) seem to be GUI-based. I need something I can call from batch files.

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Solution 1 - Windows

pscp and psftp are very customizable(options) and light weight. Open source to boot.


Solution 2 - Windows

WinSCP has the command line functionality:

c:\>winscp.exe /console /script=example.txt

where scripting is done in example.txt.

See http://winscp.net/eng/docs/guide_automation

Refer to http://winscp.net/eng/docs/guide_automation_advanced for details on how to use a scripting language such as Windows command interpreter/php/perl.

FileZilla does have a command line but it is limited to only opening the GUI with a pre-defined server that is in the Site Manager.

Solution 3 - Windows

Cygwin + sftp/scp natrually

Solution 4 - Windows

WinSCP can be called from batch file:

"C:\Program Files\WinSCP\WinSCP.exe" /console

Example commands:

option batch on 
option confirm off  
option transfer binary 
open sftp://username@hostname:port -hostkey="ssh-rsa " 

Solution 5 - Windows

www.bitvise.com - sftpc is a good command line client also.

Solution 6 - Windows

LFTP is great, however it is Linux only. You can find the Windows port here. Never tried though.

Achtunq, it uses Cygwin, but everything is included in the bundle.

Solution 7 - Windows

bitvise tunnelier works really well

Solution 8 - Windows

This little application does the job for me. I could not find another CLI based client that would access my IIS based TLS/SSL secured ftp site: http://netwinsite.com/surgeftp/sslftp.htm

Solution 9 - Windows

Filezilla is great and it can support http://wiki.filezilla-project.org/Command-line_arguments_(Client)">command line arguments.


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