What is the best JavaScript image processing library?

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I need some kick-ass effects for my web site, like gaussian blur, noise, convolution filters, morphological operations etc. All effects must be applied dynamically (no pre-renderend images) and being changed over time.

What is the most powerful image processing library, implemented in JavaScript ?

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Solution 1 - Javascript

CamanJS is the most flexible non-interactive (API, not point-and-click) JavaScript library for image manipulation, that I came across so far.

Solution 2 - Javascript

Try to look to the Processing.js library. This is a quotation from theirs site:

> Processing.js is the sister project of > the popular Processing visual > programming language, designed for the > web.

As far as I know it has more contributors than Pixastic project does and theirs demos are really promising.

Solution 3 - Javascript

Take a look at Pixastic

> Pixastic is an experimental library which allows you to perform a variety of operations on images using just a bit of JavaScript. The effects supported out of the box include desaturation/greyscale, invert, flipping, brightness/contrast adjustment, hue/saturation, emboss, blur, and many more.

Demo can be found here

Solution 4 - Javascript

have a look at the PSX imageprocessing library, it contains a javascript and ios version. the demo site shows what it can do. PSX is the most powerful javascript image processing library ever.


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