SQL Server Management Studio won't let me add an index to a table

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When I right click on the indexes folder in the table the "New Index" menu item is grayed out. I don't understand why. I've deleted all data in the table just in case, and refreshed and restarted SSMS, but no luck. I'm using SQL Server 2012 Business Intelligence SP1 CTP.

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Solution 1 - Sql Server

Solution: Close your table designers and database diagrams and try again. If that doesn't help, close all windows in Management Studio.

Cause: The "New Index" option gets disabled when the table is schema-locked by the designer window.

Solution 2 - Sql Server

It could be a rights issue, or perhaps you've become disconnected. Try using code to add the index; that may resolve your issue, or report a more meaningful exception for you to work from:

create index ix_MyTable_Column1
on dbo.MyTable(Column1 asc)


Solution 3 - Sql Server

Close the table if opened in the designer. Right click on Indexes for the table and select Rebuild All. This will fix it...

Solution 4 - Sql Server

In my case, which was a view, not a table, it was because the view wasn't created with Schema Binding. I altered it use Schema Binding and then I could add the index to the view. HTH.

Solution 5 - Sql Server

Table does not have a clustered primary key as required by the spatial index. Make sure that the primary key column exists on the table before creating a spatial index.

Solution 6 - Sql Server

Since I can't comment on the top post, I'm going to add an answer.

In my case, I'm trying to create an index via a query. I was getting an error returned that the table didn't exist or I didn't have permission. When I closed all tabs and exited SSMS completely, my error was resolved completely when I reopened SSMS.


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