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Am new to unit testing and i wanted only to test files located in a specific directory only

How do i specify that i want tests to run to files only on a specific directory and ignore others

so i have installed jest via npm

  "jest": "^23.6.0",

And specified my test command in package.json via

    "test": "jest --verbose"

The above runs all the files but i want it to run for files in a specific directory eg  laratest directory only

How do i proceed

Javascript Solutions

Solution 1 - Javascript

Add the directory name as an argument

    "test": "jest --verbose ./my-directory"

Solution 2 - Javascript

Add configuration to your package.json.

"jest": {
  "testMatch": ["**/laratest/**/*.test.js"]


Solution 3 - Javascript

Inside ./jest.config.js you can add an array of directories to search

// A list of paths to directories that Jest should use to search for files in
roots: [

Solution 4 - Javascript

This article


suggests doing something like this in your config.js file, and I quote the article:

// jest.conf from inside `config/` directory
  rootDir: '../',
  globalSetup: {...},

Solution 5 - Javascript

Add the --rootdir option to your command:

jest --verbose --rootDir=laratest

Or in scripts:

    "test": "jest --verbose --rootDir=laratest"

I tried specifying the directory (i.e. jest --verbose ./laratest) in my own project but wasn't seeing the expected result. HTH.

Solution 6 - Javascript

You must be specific in order to avoid running other directories with the same name. For example, this runs only the test in clients:

yarn jest "$PWD/clients"

but this runs tests in any folder named clients:

yarn jest clients
# also: yarn jest ./clients

Solution 7 - Javascript

Mac solution (not tested on windows)

scripts: {
  "test": "export NODE_ENV=development && jest"

According to jest docs, the NODE_ENV will be set to test if it is already not set. Thus if you export it... it will pass through to jest.


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