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Refer to this post for discussions on previous versions.

Asking the question again since Visual Studio 2010 has been officially released. Does anyone have any visibility this early on as to which is better? What about any other products that may be out there? This one will probably be on my dime, so I'd like the wisdom of those with experience before pulling the trigger on a decision.

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Solution 1 - Visual Studio-2010

IMHO I prefer CodeRush

The VS2010 version is out now ... Very stable,very performant.

Update: CodeRush also appears to be cheaper. R#r commercial license appears to be $349 where as CodeRush is $249 dropping to $99 on renewal

All that said, this is a very personal decision. It will depend very much on what you are after.

The following is a link to another answer I gave regarding things to consider when making the decision between tools like this.

Solution 2 - Visual Studio-2010

The only news right now on the CR front is the short term news that Code Rush Xpress for VS2010 is released whereas the full thing is not as yet.

In addition to Rory's very complete CR-flavoured review, I thought the one of the most important contributions to the other thread was this one from DX's Mark Miller which is pretty measured (We can trust that any factual inaccuracies will result in a swarm of comments from competitor evangilists.)

But I'm voting to close this as its not a new question and doesnt have new answers (Sorry Rory!)

Solution 3 - Visual Studio-2010

Another vote for CodeRush. Things in CodeRush that are better than R# are: powerful template/plugin engine, more cofigurable, less resource killer.


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