Remove boxes from hyperlinked ToC in LaTeX


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How do I remove the red boxes from my hyperlinked table of contents created by using the hyperref package in LaTeX.

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Solution 1 - Latex

To remove the borders:

    pdfborder = {0 0 0}

The colorlinks option will turn on the link colors and also remove the borders. (This is why alamodey set all the link colors to black.)

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Solution 3 - Latex

Version 6.82a of hyperref, released in February 2011, introduced a new hidelinks option that accomplishes this more easily. All you need now is:


Solution 4 - Latex

I realize it's a bit late to answer but there's a simpler way, in my experience


This will shift hyperref from ugly borders to link coloring, which is what you usually want. See here for more options:


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