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What is the syntax for server side comment in razor view?

I want to comment this code:

@helper NavItem() {

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@* here is the code to comment *@

Solution 2 - asp.net Mvc-3

Both of the following work

    This is a comment

@//This is another comment


With the new Beta of MVC 3 out the old methods of highlighting won't work.

    //This is a comment

      This is a multi
      line comment

      This is a comment, as well

Is the updated method @//This is a comment and @/* */ will no longer work.

Solution 3 - asp.net Mvc-3

Inside the .cshtml file, just press cntrl+k and cntrl+c, You will see the comment is automatically added by visual studio.(alternatively, cntrl_k and cntrl+u for uncommenting.) Or else if you want to write it manually then, just gohead with

@* Your Code *@

Solution 4 - asp.net Mvc-3

If its in your view, couldn't you use the standard HTML <!-- ... //--> or the .NET style <%-- .. --%>?


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