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After upgrading a Rails app to Rails 5, running RSpec tests gives me the following error:

rails aborted!

Environment data not found in the schema. To resolve this issue, run: 

    bin/rails db:environment:set RAILS_ENV=test

However, that bin does not exist and I can't seem to generate it with bundle binstubs rails or with rake rails:update:bin.

I have also tried:

rails db:environment:set RAILS_ENV=test
rake db:environment:set RAILS_ENV=test

There is a related issue on Github here.

How can I address this error?

Ruby on-Rails Solutions

Solution 1 - Ruby on-Rails

New Rails 5 command to generate binstubs:

rails app:update:bin

Allows me to run the solution as the error suggested:

bin/rails db:environment:set RAILS_ENV=test

Tip from @max comment: If you are using database_cleaner and this error keeps popping up then change your config to:

  except: %w(ar_internal_metadata)

Solution 2 - Ruby on-Rails

For me, this error was followed by a similar one asking for a migration.

This did the trick: rails db:migrate RAILS_ENV=test

Solution 3 - Ruby on-Rails

fix for jenkins before you drop database you should execute db:environment:set with || true, so the command doesn't abort:

bin/rails db:environment:set RAILS_ENV=test || true

Solution 4 - Ruby on-Rails

All of the above answers are correct, however, if you're in a more unique project such as developing a rails engine with a concept of a schema (hacky, I know) and your migration fails for some reason, you can re-run it without the check that throws this exception. Example:

rake environment db:{drop,create,migrate} DISABLE_DATABASE_ENVIRONMENT_CHECK=1

Solution 5 - Ruby on-Rails

For me, I had to do a mixture of things:

bin/rails db:environment:set RAILS_ENV=test
bin/rails db:migrate RAILS_ENV=test

This would make things work, and then I had to review my migrations, I was adding a null:false into a relationship and that added a bug, the migration was cancelled and didn't finish

Solution 6 - Ruby on-Rails

I had to drop my database for tests and create it again:

  1. psql
  2. DROP DATABASE your_db_name_test;
  3. bundle exec rake db:create RAILS_ENV=test

After that the warning bin/rails db:environment:set RAILS_ENV=test disappeared.

Solution 7 - Ruby on-Rails

If you happen to see this error while using parallel_tests gem then you need to run below command for each DB. Just increase TEST_ENV_NUMBER.

TEST_ENV_NUMBER=1 bin/rails db:environment:set RAILS_ENV=test
TEST_ENV_NUMBER=2 bin/rails db:environment:set RAILS_ENV=test

This helped me fix the problem when I was testing parallel_tests with knapsack_pro gem https://github.com/KnapsackPro/knapsack_pro-ruby#parallel_tests-with-knapsack_pro-on-single-ci-machine


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