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I know what ternary operator is in React.

When I'm developing react native app I encounter this kind of syntax that is covered by my eslint as unexpected token

ESLint: Parsing error: Unexpected token .

It goes like this:

const routeName = route.state?.routes[route.state.index]?.name ?? INITIAL_ROUTE_NAME;

What does that mean? It uses null coalescing operator in the end, however I can't understand what does the question mark do before a dot.

I know it is a correct syntax because it is a template from expo and they're very popular in react-native development community.

Can anyone help me explain?

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That's optional chaining: MDN

> The optional chaining operator (?.) enables you to read the value of a property located deep within a chain of connected objects without having to check that each reference in the chain is valid. > > The ?. operator is like the . chaining operator, except that instead of causing an error if a reference is nullish (null or undefined), the expression short-circuits with a return value of undefined. When used with function calls, it returns undefined if the given function does not exist. > > This results in shorter and simpler expressions when accessing chained properties when the possibility exists that a reference may be missing. It can also be helpful while exploring the content of an object when there's no known guarantee as to which properties are required.


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