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I'm working with Postman right now and I have to do a lot of requests, and in the body I'm passing a JSON content. I would like to know if is there a way to pass the value of a global variable into JSON body. Thank you.

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Solution 1 - Json

If using a raw JSON body:

    "test key":"{{global variable}}"

On sending the request, the curly braces will be replaced with the value of the variable.

Solution 2 - Json

I think what you want to do is described here.

> To use a variable you need to enclose the variable name with double curly braces – {{my_variable_name}}.

Solution 3 - Json

Double curly bracket is working in header parameter, url or inside JSON body. Inside tests you should use globals example: {"url": globals.url} or {"url": globals["url"]}

Solution 4 - Json

You can pass

   "productId": {{**ProductID**}},
   "quantity": 1

Where ProductID is your global variable name
in raw format JSON (application/json)

Solution 5 - Json

Yep, double curly brackets is the way to go to achieve this - make sure you have the latest version of Postman (though if you are still running 2014 code when this feature was introduced, shame on you!)


    "variable": "{{value}}"

See the second paragraph here in the Variables section of the documentation - it specifically mentions the request body.


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