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What is the fix for the issue when trying to commit from IntelliJ:

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This windows either takes too long or does not finished at all. What is the work around so I can commit again from IntelliJ

Git Solutions

Solution 1 - Git

In IntelliJ navigate to:

> File > Invalidate Caches / Restart...

and select the highlighted:

> Invalidate and Restart

Solution 2 - Git

> What is the work around so I can commit again from IntelliJ

On IntelliJ, not sure: older similar bugs have been closed (as "obsolete"), like IDEA-63491

A more recent one (IDEA-93086) states:

> It works again after a fresh checkout.

As a workaround, the solution would be to push from the command-line (so outside IntelliJ).

Solution 3 - Git

Just ran into this issue on WebStorm 2016.1 on Windows 8.1. What fixed it for me is deleting the vcs-log directory. I also have IntelliJ Community Edition installed which didn't have this problem at the time so I figured it must be an issue with the application settings (hidden directory in home folder) not the project specific settings (.idea folder in the project directory).

Close IntelliJ/Webstorm and go to your home folder, you'll find a hidden directory there where IntelliJ/Webstorm keeps it's configuration. (The name of this hidden directory depends on the application name (IntelliJ/PHPStorm/Webstorm) and it's version:

C:\Users\{ your user name of pc }\.WebStorm2016.1

Inside there is a system folder which in turn has a vcs-log folder.

C:\Users\{ your user name of pc }\.WebStorm2016.1\system\vcs-log

Delete or rename the vcs-log folder and restart the application and everything should return to normal.

Solution 4 - Git

I had the same problem with PyCharm and none of the above solutions helped me.

What worked for me was the following:

  1. Rename project's folder
  2. Removed .idea folder
  3. Rename the project's folder to previous name
  4. Open it with PyCharm and the annoying "Performing VCS Refresh" was gone.

Solution 5 - Git

If you are complaining that it is slow when you commit, you can follow the steps below.

Go to git commit screen with command + K

Right Click Unversioned File

Disable Show Unversioned Files

Like this

Solution 6 - Git

Invalidate Caches and Restart, and a fresh checkout did not work for me.

Opening the project in IntelliJ after deleting the .idea folder helped.

Solution 7 - Git

A fresh checkout did nothing for me.

However, this helped: "I have two projects open. One is using SVN and the other is not. When I close the one that is not using SVN. The system is responsive and I can checkin once again." Source

So I removed all of my projects from the workspace, including the hidden folder .idea, and thus created a fresh workspace. Then I checked out one project via SVN, and ever since I can commit again.

Solution 8 - Git

I have the some problem , to fix it open 32bit version, not 64.

Solution 9 - Git

Try this:

Rename these files.

C:\Program Files\JetBrains\PhpStorm 2020.3.2\bin\runnerw64.exe -> runnerw64--.exe
C:\Program Files\JetBrains\PhpStorm 2020.3.2\bin\runnerw.exe -> runnerw--.exe

working for me.

Solution 10 - Git

I had this problem on a windows 10 pc. My solution was changing line endings see below.

Refreshing a repository after changing line endings

After you've set the core.autocrlf option and committed a .gitattributes file, you may find that Git wants to commit files that you have not modified. At this point, Git is eager to change the line endings of every file for you.

The best way to automatically configure your repository's line endings is to first backup your files with Git, delete every file in your repository (except the .git directory), and then restore the files all at once.

Save your current files in Git, so that none of your work is lost.

git add . -u git commit -m "Saving files before refreshing line endings" Remove the index and force Git to rescan the working directory.

rm .git/index Rewrite the Git index to pick up all the new line endings.

git reset Show the rewritten, normalized files.

git status Add all your changed files back, and prepare them for a commit. This is your chance to inspect which files, if any, were unchanged.

git add -u

It is perfectly safe to see a lot of messages here that read

"warning: CRLF will be replaced by LF in file."

Rewrite the .gitattributes file.

git add .gitattributes Commit the changes to your repository.

git commit -m "Normalize all the line endings"


Solution 11 - Git

I have found that in IntelliJ IDEA, using the "Directory" option (and not "Project") of "Version Control" settings and adding only the project directories used will make the VCS refresh fast and responsive. The IDEA version 2019.3 has a bug regarding this that is fixed in 2019.3.1

Solution 12 - Git

My be I'm late, I Unable to login to git through Android studio, it "checking URL..." forever. I tried clearing cache and restart, nothing helped me.

The Alternate way is..(Solution)

Download GitHub Desktop(you can use git through CMD if you know), First Login to GitHub Desktop.

  1. go to File, select 'Add local Repository'.
  2. select your Project folder, if you not initialized git in that folder before, it will ask you to create so do it.
  3. Then commit locally, then it will ask 'Publish' click it,
  4. Now you can see your Rep on your GitHub website. now open android Studio it automatically set to GitHub.

You can see all git control symbols on the top right side of android Studio. Push, commit and all will work.

I bypassed login through Android studio like this. This might helpful to you.

Solution 13 - Git

When I use Git, IDEA VCS works well. But when I use Subversion, this question still exists and file status refresh slowly in IDEA. I have tried many top ranking methods, but they doesn't solve my problem. I remembered I update TortoiseSVN to version 1.13.1 recently. Finally, I downgraded TortoiseSVN's version to 1.10.5, problem solved.TortoiseSVN provides v1.13.1 and v1.10.5 on download page.. Someone can try this method if top ranking methods are useless for you.

Solution 14 - Git

I think the fast way it that: you can check the code to a new directory!


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