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If I have a VARCHAR of 200 characters and that I put a string of 100 characters, will it use 200 bytes or it will just use the actual size of the string?

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100 characters.

This is the var (variable) in varchar: you only store what you enter (and an extra 2 bytes to store length upto 65535)

If it was char(200) then you'd always store 200 characters, padded with 100 spaces

See the docs: "The CHAR and VARCHAR Types"

Solution 2 - Mysql

> VARCHAR means that it's a variable-length character, so it's only > going to take as much space as is necessary. But if you knew something > about the underlying structure, it may make sense to restrict VARCHAR > to some maximum amount. > > For instance, if you were storing comments from the user, you may > limit the comment field to only 4000 characters; if so, it doesn't > really make any sense to make the sql table have a field that's larger > than VARCHAR(4000).

Solution 3 - Mysql

Actually, it will takes 101 bytes.

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