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I'm using Node.js program to insert data into a MongoDB database. I have inserted data into a collection named "repl-failOver".

var mongoClient = require("mongodb").MongoClient;
mongoClient.connect("mongodb://localhost:30002/test", function(err, db) {
    if (err) throw err;
    db.collection("repl-failOver").insert( { "documentNumber" : document++}, function (err, doc) {
        if (err) throw err;

When I use the Mongo shell and list down the collections in the database using show collections I am able to see the collection "repl-failOver".

How do I run a find command from the mongo shell for this collection?

Mongodb Solutions

Solution 1 - Mongodb

Use this syntax:




You can find more information in the Executing Queries section of the manual:

> If the mongo shell does not accept the name of the collection, for > instance if the name contains a space, hyphen, or starts with a > number, you can use an alternate syntax to refer to the collection, as > in the following: > > db["3test"].find() > > db.getCollection("3test").find()

Solution 2 - Mongodb

You are getting this error from accessing collections with specific characters (-, _, ). I explained the workaround here, but basically all you need is to do



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