Merge Images Side by Side (Horizontally)


Imagemagick Problem Overview

I have five images of sizes: 600x30, 600x30, 600x30, 600x30, 810x30. Their names are: 0.png, 1.png, 2.png, 3.png, 4.png, respectively.

How do I merge them Horizontally to make an image of size 3210x30 with ImageMagick?

Imagemagick Solutions

Solution 1 - Imagemagick

ImageMagick ships with the montage utility. Montage will append each image side-by-side allowing you to adjust spacing between each image (-geometry), and the general layout (-tile).

montage [0-4].png -tile 5x1 -geometry +0+0 out.png

Other examples can be found on Montage Usage page

Solution 2 - Imagemagick

ImageMagick has command line tool named 'convert' to merge images horizontally, or for other purpose. i have tried this command and working perfectly on your case:
To join images horizontally:
convert +append *.png out.png

To stack images vertically:
convert -append *.png out.png

Solution 3 - Imagemagick

Use -resize if the images don't have the same width/height

You can fix the height for all of them with the -resize option, e.g. to fix a 500 pixel height on two images joined horizontally:

convert +append image_1.png image_2.png -resize x500 new_image_conbined.png

Or for vertical joins, you would want to set a fixed width instead:

convert -append image_1.png image_2.png -resize 500x new_image_conbined.png


image_1.png 1067x600

enter image description here

image_2.png 1920x1080

enter image description here

new_image_conbined.png 889x500

enter image description here


How to do it interactively with GIMP

If you need to crop/resize images interactively first, which is often the case, then GIMP is the perfect tool for it, here's a detailed step-by-step:

enter image description here


ImageMagick 6.9.11-60 doesn't handle them, so see:

Solution 4 - Imagemagick

Very simple with ImageMagick (brew install imagemagick )

convert +append image_1.png image_2.png new_image_conbined.png

Solution 5 - Imagemagick

Anyone using the MiniMagick rails gem can use the built-in tool to merge images:

# Replace this with the path to the images you want to combine
images = [

processed_image = do |image|
  image.geometry "x700+0+0"
  image.tile "#{images.size}x1"
  images.each {|i| image << i}
  image << "output.jpg"

Check out the documentation for #geometry options to handle resizing and placement. The current example will resize images to a 700px height while maintaining the image's aspect ratio. +0+0 will place the image with no gaps between them.


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