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How can I get homebrew to list out all files installed for a package? For example, when I run brew list for the exim package, I get these files:

$ brew list exim

But there are files added to the system that is not in the list above. For example:

$ ls -ld /usr/local/etc/exim.conf 
-rw-r--r--  1 hanxue  admin  35904 Sep 25 21:11 /usr/local/etc/exim.conf

Macos Solutions

Solution 1 - Macos

Just add -v or --verbose, for example:

$ brew ls --verbose exim

Solution 2 - Macos

If the package in question is a cask install (e.g. mactex) then you'll need to include the --cask arg to the list/ls command e.g.

brew ls --cask exim

Note: With casks if you don't include the --cask arg then it often reports an error. And with the --cask arg it may only list the installer dmg as it doesn't seem to track the resulting installed files.


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