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I have two related models: Category and Post.

The Post model has a published scope (method scopePublished()).

When I try to get all categories with that scope:

$categories = Category::with('posts')->published()->get();

I get an error:

> Call to undefined method published()


class Category extends \Eloquent
    public function posts()
        return $this->HasMany('Post');


class Post extends \Eloquent
   public function category()
       return $this->belongsTo('Category');

   public function scopePublished($query)
       return $query->where('published', 1);


Laravel Solutions

Solution 1 - Laravel

You can do it inline:

$categories = Category::with(['posts' => function ($q) {

You can also define a relation:

public function postsPublished()
   return $this->hasMany('Post')->published();
   // or this way:
   // return $this->posts()->published();

and then:

//all posts

// published only

// eager loading


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