JsonParseException : Illegal unquoted character ((CTRL-CHAR, code 10)

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I'm trying to use org.apache.httpcomponents to consume a Rest API, which will post JSON format data to API.

I get this exception:

> Caused by: com.fasterxml.jackson.core.JsonParseException: Illegal > unquoted character ((CTRL-CHAR, code 10)): has to be escaped using > backslash to be included in string.

The reason is because ctrl-char is included in the JSON string.

Is there any way to replace this or some other solution?

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Solution 1 - Java

This can happen if you have a newline (or other control character) in a JSON string literal.

{"foo": "bar

If you are the one producing the data, replace actual newlines with escaped ones "\\n" when creating your string literals.

{"foo": "bar\nbaz"}

Solution 2 - Java



See javadoc:

 * Feature that determines whether parser will allow
 * JSON Strings to contain unescaped control characters
 * (ASCII characters with value less than 32, including
 * tab and line feed characters) or not.
 * If feature is set false, an exception is thrown if such a
 * character is encountered.
 * Since JSON specification requires quoting for all control characters,
 * this is a non-standard feature, and as such disabled by default.

Old option JsonParser.Feature.ALLOW_UNQUOTED_CONTROL_CHARS was deprecated since 2.10.

Please see also github thread.

Solution 3 - Java

On Salesforce platform this error is caused by /, the solution is to escape these as //.

Solution 4 - Java

This error occurs when you are sending JSON data to server. Maybe in your string you are trying to add new line character by using /n.

If you add / before /n, it should work, you need to escape new line character.

"Hello there //n start coding"

The result should be as following

Hello there
start coding

Solution 5 - Java

JsonParseException : Illegal unquoted character ((CTRL-CHAR, code 10)

Solution: Exists in your text a chr TAB, before put text in the json, use replace chr TAB to \t


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