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What is the best way to rename the app so that the title below the app icon can have spaces but the build files doesn't have spaces. (ie, title is "My Project" and build file is MyProject.app)

I changed PRODUCT_NAME but when I do that the app file also contains spaces.

Renaming all the fields seems to work fine except I can't find EXECUTABLE_NAME which is the default value for "Executable file".

Thank you, Tee

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The field that you have to change is the Bundle Display Name (CFBundleDisplayName is the raw key name) in the info.plist file from ${PRODUCT_NAME} to 'your desired name'.

Note: CFBundleDisplayName is different from CFBundleName. CFBundleDisplayName is the human visible/marketing name displayed on the device home screen, under the icon etc. While CFBundleName is the filename of the IPA and the folder for the app on the file system, 'Whatever' for example would be archived as Whatever.ipa and the app would be installed on a device under the folder called Whatever.app.

Solution 2 - Iphone

I'm using Xcode 6 and in the Info.plist, the key is called Bundle Name and the default is $(PRODUCT_NAME). You can double click and change the name, you'll be able to verify it.

If you view the source code for the plist, you'll see:

<string>Change this to the string to display under the icon</string>

Solution 3 - Iphone

There should really be a caveat here. If you have shell scripts and other things dependent on the original app name, you may be committed to some extensive changes if you pursue the above solution. If you only want to change the display name, and only that, there's a Bundle display name under Info of your target under Custom iOS Target Properties.

Solution 4 - Iphone

You can edit info.plist in Info tab in xCode

change app name in xcode


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