Invalid Gradle JDK configuration found?


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I am very new in Android Studio. I have a problem with gradle. it says,

Error:Invalid Gradle JDK configuration found.
Platform SDK does not point to valid `JDK` `(C:/Program Files/Java/jdk1.8.0_20)`.
Consult IDE log for more details (Help | Show Log)

then what should I do to solve that?

Android Solutions

Solution 1 - Android

I got this issue in Android studio 4.2 canary, and I had to delete those generated files:


then clicking try again to sync the project.

Solution 2 - Android

Under Android Studio, select File > Project Structure > JDK location. Specify the JDK to the folder of your currently installed JDK. And specify the SDK location as well.

Solution 3 - Android

Simple solution:

  1. Go to build.gradle and at the top there will be a message JDK missing
  2. Click on it and use JDK from the list (or download one if you don't have)
  3. Sync project

Solution 4 - Android

I got this issue in Android Studio 4.2.2, and the solution is very simple, just delete


and click on

File -> Invalidate Caches/ Restart

Solution 5 - Android

If you want / need to, update your JDK installation to the version that you want to use.

Next, find the version for your current JDK installation by running javac -version or java -version. Check that it is what you expect.

Next, find the JDK installation directory:

  • It should be on your %PATH%.
  • By default it will be a subdirectory of "C:\Program Files\Java"' for example: "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_45"

Next, start Android Studio, and go to the "File->Project Structure->JDK Location" preference page.

The file path given by the preference should be the path to the JDK installation director that you identified above. If it isn't then update it.


  • Use the full pathname of the installation directory; e.g. "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_45".
  • Use a pathname, not a URL.

Solution 6 - Android

Just delete .idea and .gradle folders from your project path on your computer and sync again.

Solution 7 - Android

This issue happens if you change the workspace or manually copy files to the new repo workspace. i fixed it by deleting below files,


Finally click on File-> invalidate cache and restart

Solution 8 - Android

For Android studio Canary Build Arctic Fox 2020.3.1 this seems like a bug or hard dependency with Jdk 11.

I already had jdk defined, but I was still getting this error. Got resolved after installing jdk 11 and providing path to it in the jdk location here

File > Project Structure > JDK location

Solution 9 - Android

I have solve this problem my App name "Addvoicetomusic2"; go to app dir- C:\Users\amram\AndroidStudioProjects\Addvoicetomusic2

  • then remove .gradle and .idea file *then connect to internet
  • restart android studio project successfully solve

Solution 10 - Android

This Problem occurs when you open your Android Project in Another Computer.

To Solve this,

  1. DELETE your .gradle and .idea folder from your project.
  2. Invalidate Cache and Restart Android studio
  3. After Restart, SYNC Again to created new .gradle and .idea folders

Solution 11 - Android

Solution for Android 4.2.2

Terminal commands:

rm .idea/gradle.xml

rm .idea/workspace.xml

Finally click on File-> invalidate cache and restart

Solution 12 - Android

The simple and easy way is

>> Go To Your build.gradle(Module:app) >> At the top right corner you will find notification JDK is missing or download missing JDK >> Clik on that notification and download JDK and Sync Project.

Solution 13 - Android

SIMPLE SOLUTION -go to build.gradle and at Top there missing JDK right side configuration or download options to click and install JDK and have a already JDK then select it. Otherwise download better option. Thanks click sync now or try again.

Solution 14 - Android

For macOS:

  1. install JDK from Oracle site

  2. Go to the folder:

cd /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines

Here you will see JDK installed.

Set folder in the Android Studio, something like this:


I don't why it's not possible to automate such tasks after all this years.

Solution 15 - Android

amra ram's solution worked for me, more or less. I had an old .idea directory with a weird configuration. Deleting it, closing Android Studio, and opening the project again forced it to reinstall and sync Gradle.

Solution 16 - Android

  1. Go to build.gradle and at the top there will be a message JDK missing
  2. Click on it and use JDK from the list (or download one if you don't have)
  3. Sync project

Solution 17 - Android

When I encountered this same problem, I solved it by specifying the path to the portable (non installed) JDK8.

Solution 18 - Android

Same error i got when I install android studio on my pc . at the time of installation I have installed android sdk and android studio in different path so In project structure I have set my new sdk path . Still I got message of invalid jdk ...then I knew location of jdk ,again in project structure I have set my jdk path.It works.

Solution 19 - Android

For me the problem appeared after updating IntelliJ to version 2020.2.1.

Just solved it by going to Project Structure -> SDK. There I only had the Java jdk. I've added IntelliJ IDEA Platform Plugin SDK and that seems to have solved the problem. gradle loads just fine.

Solution 20 - Android

if other answers not work try this
For Android Studio Arctic Fox | 2020.3.1 Canary 15
File -> Invalidate Caches/Restart click Invalidate and Restart
it works for me

Solution 21 - Android

  • First you have to delete the folders - .idea and .gradle from the source directory.
  • Select File > Project Structure > JDK location. Specify the JDK to the folder of your currently installed JDK. Ensure that you have installed the JDK version greater than 1.8. Also specify the SDK location.
  • Select File -> Invalidate Caches/Restart click Invalidate and Restart

Solution 22 - Android

Just clean and rebuild project worked for me.

Solution 23 - Android

I had to update to the latest Android build, Android Studio Arctic Fox | 2020.3.1. to be specified to make the project compile.

Solution 24 - Android

Go to Android studio settings or preferences and select jdk as shown in image and try syncing project

enter image description here

Solution 25 - Android

Just deleted the entire .idea folder from your project and it will work.


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