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Within the last day, in Internet Explorer 8, the developer tools window will not show up.

When I hit F12 or use menu Tools -> Developer Tools I get the Developer Tools entry in the Task Bar but the actual window will not show up.

It has been running fine for a month or so. I have tried rebooting with no luck.

Internet Explorer-8 Solutions

Solution 1 - Internet Explorer-8

> How do I get a window back on the screen when it moved far, far away?

From the article:

> Switch to the application, say by clicking on its taskbar button or by > Alt+Tab'ing to it. Then type Alt+Space to call up the System menu: You > should get a window floating at the edge of the screen. Type M to > select Move, then press an arrow key to enter Move mode.

Additional remark by @WebSolProv:

>It would appear that something happens with IE that causes the developer tools window to be shrunk to the height of the header bar and width of about 2 inches. By using this solution you can then move the the window into view and enlarge as usual.

Solution 2 - Internet Explorer-8

If you are on Windows 7, Windows Key + Up Arrow Key will maximize the window.

Solution 3 - Internet Explorer-8

Not related to the window issue, but in some companies, this could be due to policies. In such cases, at least for me, it worked after modifying the registry like this


and then modifying the DISABLED value to 0, which was 1 for me previously.

Solution 4 - Internet Explorer-8

I had same problem on Windows 7 when I went back to single monitor setup after having a dual monitor setup.

Use the Windows 7 keyboard shortcut for moving windows around the screen. You may need to repeat the same combination twice.

Windows Key + Left Arrow


Windows Key + Right Arrow

Solution 5 - Internet Explorer-8

Deleting some registry keys worked for me. Try running this in a prompt

reg delete "hkcu\software\microsoft\internet explorer\iedevtools" /v windowpos

Solution 6 - Internet Explorer-8

Select by Developer Tools window by ALT+TAB then press ALT+SPACE to show window menu and select Maximize or type 'X' character. The Winow will Show UP.

Solution 7 - Internet Explorer-8

If the window is off page and out of reach by the cursor you can always right click the program in the task bar, click Move then you can use the arrow keys to move the window back into view

Solution 8 - Internet Explorer-8

For me the menu item 'tools > developer tools' and F12 would not do anything, however the command bar 'tools' dropdown worked as well as the command bar icon.

Solution 9 - Internet Explorer-8

Run IE and hit F12 , window appears in taskbar.Right click on taskbar and select maximize. vola!! it will appear


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