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The IntelliJ keymap says:

Zoom in: Keypad +  =  
Zoom out Keypad - - 

But they have no effect. Anyone have this working?

New info: Now I have added more key-bindings:

Zoom in: Alt-Shift-= 
Zoom out: Alt-Shift-minus

But these still have no effect. Does zoom in/zoom out even work at all in IntelliJ?

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Solution 1 - Intellij Idea

You need to look for the Increase Font Size and Decrease Font Size options on the Keymap menu, you can see the options on my screenshot. You will find the Keymap menu under Preferences > Keymap.

font size settings

Assigning on those will have the expected effect for font zoom.

Solution 2 - Intellij Idea

Update: This answer is old. Intellij has since added actions to adjust font size. Check out Wilker's answer for assigning the new actions to keymaps.

Try Ctrl+Mouse Wheel which can be enabled under File > Settings... > Editor > General : Change font size (Zoom) with Ctrl+Mouse Wheel

Solution 3 - Intellij Idea

Double click Shift to open the quick actions. Then search for "Decrease Font Size" or "Increase Font Size" and hit Enter. To repeat the action you can doubleclick Shift and Enter

I prefer that way because it works even when you're using not your own Computer without opening settings. Also works without leaving fullscreen, which is useful if you are live coding.

Solution 4 - Intellij Idea

Update for intellij idea 2017 3.2

Intellij idea 2017 3.2

Solution 5 - Intellij Idea

Before User Shift + = or Shift - , you have to first set the key map as mentioned below enter image description here

Solution 6 - Intellij Idea

Answer for IntelliJ IDEA 2022 and later

As Mark Amery suggested in comment, original answer is no longer working, right now the best way to switch it on is:

Double click shift, type wheel and switch change font size... to ON

enter image description here

Old Answer IntelliJ IDEA 2022.1

Double click shift, type zoom and switch zoom to on

enter image description here

Solution 7 - Intellij Idea


then you'll find this in the menu Mouse,

"change the font size(Zoom) with Ctrl+Mouse Wheel"

Solution 8 - Intellij Idea

I assume that you have a similar view regarding the zoom functionality as I have in this picture:

enter image description here

Now if you mark one of the Zoom In/Zoom Out lines and choose Add Keyboard Shortcut:

enter image description here

You will find that this particular shortcut Numpad + is already occupied so there is a conflict:

enter image description here

So you'll just have assign this Zoom In/Zoom Out to some other keyboard shortcut:

enter image description here

Solution 9 - Intellij Idea

  1. Open Preferences
  2. Under EditorGeneral
  3. Check the checkbox Change font size with Command + Mouse Wheel
  4. On the editor use + Mouse Wheel (or CTRL + Mouse Wheel) to zoom in and out


Solution 10 - Intellij Idea

actually if you press

> Ctrl+`

and chose presentation view or one other view, it works pretty well!!


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