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Keyboard Problem Overview

I'm building an app and I need to use an input text.

The problem comes when you tap on this input text, the keyboard doesn't appear.

I don't know why, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. It is supposed to be straightforward.

Here is some of my code:

<View style={ styles.storyContentContainer }>
    <TextInput ref='username' style={{width: 300, height: 20, borderWidth: 1,}}/>

And a video to show to you guys when the input text gets the focus nothing happen:

enter image description here

I hope you guys can help me with this issue.

Keyboard Solutions

Solution 1 - Keyboard

I assume you are running this on the iOS simulator? Turn off the host machine's hardware keyboard integration by unchecking Hardware > Keyboard > Connect Hardware Keyboard, or you can use the Keyboard Shortcut: Shift + Cmd + K, and the keyboard will appear when you focus on a TextInput.

You can also manually toggle the software keyboard visibility with Cmd +K.

On a real device the keyboard should work out-of-the-box as expected.

Solution 2 - Keyboard

Here is how you can easily disconnect your hardware key board. Now when you will focus inside textInput area, it will open the keypad of iOS simulator Image shows how to disconnect your hardware keyboard from iOS simulator

Solution 3 - Keyboard

If the keyboard is not popping on clicking of TextInput then just tap on device means simulator and press cmd + k. After that, it will be showing every time you tap on the TextInput


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