Inline code syntax highlighting in GitHub markdown?


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GitHub-flavored markdown supports syntax highlighting in codeblocks. This is done by adding the name of the language next to the triple-grave codeblock markers:

require 'redcarpet'
markdown ="Hello World!")
puts markdown.to_html

Standard markdown also supports inline codeblocks by wrapping text in `single graves`. Is there any way to add syntax highlighting to these inline codeblocks?

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Solution 1 - Github

GitHub comments, wikis, etc. use GFM, essentially CommonMark with some extensions. There it's not possible.

However, GitHub Pages uses Jekyll and by extension kramdown where you can use:

`x = 4`{:.ruby}

P.S. If you happen to use pandoc, the syntax is:

`x = 4`{.ruby}

Solution 2 - Github

I had to do

`(inline code)`{:.language-clojure .highlihgt}

for it to work, you have to add .highlight class too. That only applies to Jekyll with kramdown.

Solution 3 - Github

Yes, it is possible with Github Markdown:

I needed to do the same with an XML-structure inside a table row (in my case defined with markdown, nit html, so with | | delimitiers for the table structure)

just put the desired Style-class (in my case .language-xml) within the Structure {: }

`<xml attrib="someVal"></xml>`{:.language-xml}

this will set the style of the table cell to highlight the code according to the set style class

i guess for ruby it then will just be


took me over an hour to figure out, found the solution nowhere, so i thought i'd post it here if anyone stumbles upon this problem again.


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