In Javascript, how do I check if an array has duplicate values?


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How do I check if an array has duplicate values?

If some elements in the array are the same, then return true. Otherwise, return false.

['hello','goodbye','hey'] //return false because no duplicates exist
['hello','goodbye','hello'] // return true because duplicates exist

Notice I don't care about finding the duplication, only want Boolean result whether arrays contains duplications.

Javascript Solutions

Solution 1 - Javascript

If you have an ES2015 environment (as of this writing: io.js, IE11, Chrome, Firefox, WebKit nightly), then the following will work, and will be fast (viz. O(n)):

function hasDuplicates(array) {
    return (new Set(array)).size !== array.length;

If you only need string values in the array, the following will work:

function hasDuplicates(array) {
    var valuesSoFar = Object.create(null);
    for (var i = 0; i < array.length; ++i) {
        var value = array[i];
        if (value in valuesSoFar) {
            return true;
        valuesSoFar[value] = true;
    return false;

We use a "hash table" valuesSoFar whose keys are the values we've seen in the array so far. We do a lookup using in to see if that value has been spotted already; if so, we bail out of the loop and return true.

If you need a function that works for more than just string values, the following will work, but isn't as performant; it's O(n2) instead of O(n).

function hasDuplicates(array) {
    var valuesSoFar = [];
    for (var i = 0; i < array.length; ++i) {
        var value = array[i];
        if (valuesSoFar.indexOf(value) !== -1) {
            return true;
    return false;

The difference is simply that we use an array instead of a hash table for valuesSoFar, since JavaScript "hash tables" (i.e. objects) only have string keys. This means we lose the O(1) lookup time of in, instead getting an O(n) lookup time of indexOf.

Solution 2 - Javascript

You could use SET to remove duplicates and compare, If you copy the array into a set it will remove any duplicates. Then simply compare the length of the array to the size of the set.

function hasDuplicates(a) {

  const noDups = new Set(a);

  return a.length !== noDups.size;

Solution 3 - Javascript

Another approach (also for object/array elements within the array1) could be2:

function chkDuplicates(arr,justCheck){
  var len = arr.length, tmp = {}, arrtmp = arr.slice(), dupes = [];
   var val = arrtmp[len];
   if (/nul|nan|infini/i.test(String(val))){
     val = String(val);
    if (tmp[JSON.stringify(val)]){
       if (justCheck) {return true;}
    tmp[JSON.stringify(val)] = true;
  return justCheck ? false : dupes.length ? dupes : null;
chkDuplicates([1,2,3,4,5],true);                           //=> false
chkDuplicates([1,2,3,4,5,9,10,5,1,2],true);                //=> true
chkDuplicates([{a:1,b:2},1,2,3,4,{a:1,b:2},[1,2,3]],true); //=> true
chkDuplicates([null,1,2,3,4,{a:1,b:2},NaN],true);          //=> false
chkDuplicates([1,2,3,4,5,1,2]);                            //=> [1,2]
chkDuplicates([1,2,3,4,5]);                                //=> null

See also...

1 needs a browser that supports JSON, or a JSON library if not.
2 edit: function can now be used for simple check or to return an array of duplicate values

Solution 4 - Javascript

You can take benefit of indexOf and lastIndexOf. if both indexes are not same, you have duplicate.

function containsDuplicates(a) {
  for (let i = 0; i < a.length; i++) {
    if (a.indexOf(a[i]) !== a.lastIndexOf(a[i])) {
      return true
  return false

Solution 5 - Javascript

One line solutions with ES6

const arr1 = ['hello','goodbye','hey'] 
const arr2 = ['hello','goodbye','hello'] 

const hasDuplicates = (arr) => arr.length !== new Set(arr).size;
console.log(hasDuplicates(arr1)) //return false because no duplicates exist
console.log(hasDuplicates(arr2)) //return true because duplicates exist

const s1 = ['hello','goodbye','hey'].some((e, i, arr) => arr.indexOf(e) !== i) const s2 = ['hello','goodbye','hello'].some((e, i, arr) => arr.indexOf(e) !== i);

console.log(s1) //return false because no duplicates exist console.log(s2) //return true because duplicates exist

Solution 6 - Javascript

One nice thing about solutions that use Set is O(1) performance on looking up existing items in a list, rather than having to loop back over it.

One nice thing about solutions that use Some is short-circuiting when the duplicate is found early, so you don't have to continue evaluating the rest of the array when the condition is already met.

One solution that combines both is to incrementally build a set, early terminate if the current element exists in the set, otherwise add it and move on to the next element.

const hasDuplicates = (arr) => {
  let set = new Set()
  return arr.some(el => {
    if (set.has(el)) return true

hasDuplicates(["a","b","b"]) // true
hasDuplicates(["a","b","c"]) // false

According to, should preform pretty well for the varried use cases. The set size approach is fastest with no dupes, and checking some + indexOf is fatest with a very early dupe, but this solution performs well in both scenarios, making it a good all-around implementation.

Solution 7 - Javascript

If you are dealing with simple values, you can use array.some() and indexOf()

for example let's say vals is ["b", "a", "a", "c"]

const allUnique = !vals.some((v, i) => vals.indexOf(v) < i);

some() will return true if any expression returns true. Here we'll iterate values (from the index 0) and call the indexOf() that will return the index of the first occurrence of given item (or -1 if not in the array). If its id is smaller that the current one, there must be at least one same value before it. thus iteration 3 will return true as "a" (at index 2) is first found at index 1.

Solution 8 - Javascript

is just simple, you can use the Array.prototype.every function

function isUnique(arr) {
  const isAllUniqueItems = input.every((value, index, arr) => {
    return arr.indexOf(value) === index; //check if any duplicate value is in other index

  return isAllUniqueItems;

Solution 9 - Javascript

function hasAllUniqueChars( s ){ 
   	for(let c=0; c<s.length; c++){
		for(let d=c+1; d<s.length; d++){
				return false;
    return true;


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