How to verify Facebook access token?


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There's only thing that server has to do; just check any access token's validity.

Clients send to the server user id and access token obtained by FB.getLoginStatus. As I expected, there would be any URL that checks access token's validity, like

That returns whether it's available one or not or is there any API (server side) for that?

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Solution 1 - Facebook

The officially supported method for this is:


See the check token docs for more information.

An example response is:

    "data": {
        "app_id": 138483919580948, 
        "application": "Social Cafe", 
        "expires_at": 1352419328, 
        "is_valid": true, 
        "issued_at": 1347235328, 
        "metadata": {
            "sso": "iphone-safari"
        "scopes": [
        "user_id": 1207059

Solution 2 - Facebook

You can simply request if you get an error, the token is invalid. If you get a JSON object with an id property then it is valid.

Unfortunately this will only tell you if your token is valid, not if it came from your app.

Solution 3 - Facebook

Just wanted to let you know that up until today I was first obtaining an app access token (via GET request to Facebook), and then using the received token as the app-token-or-admin-token in:


However, I just realized a better way of doing this (with the added benefit of requiring one less GET request):


As described in Facebook's documentation for Access Tokens here.

Solution 4 - Facebook

Simply request (HTTP GET):

That's it.

Solution 5 - Facebook

The app token can be found from this url.

Solution 6 - Facebook

I found this official tool from facebook developer page, this page will you following information related to access token - App ID, Type, App-Scoped,User last installed this app via, Issued, Expires, Data Access Expires, Valid, Origin, Scopes. Just need access token.

Solution 7 - Facebook

Exchange Access Token for Mobile Number and Country Code (Server Side OR Client Side)

You can get the mobile number with your access_token with this API Maybe, once you have the mobile number and the id, you can work with it to verify the user with your server & database.

xxxxxxxxxx above is the Access Token

Example Response :
   "id": "61940819992708",
   "phone": {
      "number": "+91XX82923912",
      "country_prefix": "91",
      "national_number": "XX82923912"

Exchange Auth Code for Access Token (Server Side)

If you have an Auth Code instead, you can first get the Access Token with this API -|yyyyyyyyyy|zzzzzzzzzz

xxxxxxxxxx, yyyyyyyyyy and zzzzzzzzzz above are the Auth Code, App ID and App Secret respectively.

Example Response
   "id": "619XX819992708",
   "access_token": "EMAWdcsi711meGS2qQpNk4XBTwUBIDtqYAKoZBbBZAEZCZAXyWVbqvKUyKgDZBniZBFwKVyoVGHXnquCcikBqc9ROF2qAxLRrqBYAvXknwND3dhHU0iLZCRwBNHNlyQZD",
   "token_refresh_interval_sec": XX92000
Note - This is preferred on the server-side since the API requires the APP Secret which is not meant to be shared for security reasons.

Good Luck.


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