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I have Anaconda installed (Python 2.7.11 |Anaconda custom (64-bit)| (default, Feb 16 2016, 09:58:36) [MSC v.1500 64 bit (AMD64)] on win32) and I am using Spyder 2.3.8

Would like to update Spyder to the latest version, so I went through the commands:

conda update conda
conda update anaconda
conda update spyder

They all ran without errors, but the spyder version didn't change - this is command I'm using to launch:

> C:\Anaconda2\pythonw.exe C:\Anaconda2\ C:\Anaconda2 "C:/Anaconda2/pythonw.exe" "C:/Anaconda2/Scripts/" --new-instance

Am I missing something?

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Solution 1 - Python

To expand on juanpa.arrivillaga's comment:

If you want to update Spyder in the root environment, then conda update spyder works for me.

If you want to update Spyder for a virtual environment you have created (e.g., for a different version of Python), then conda update -n $ENV_NAME spyder where $ENV_NAME is your environment name.

EDIT: In case conda update spyder isn't working, this post indicates you might need to run conda update anaconda before updating spyder. Also note that you can specify an exact spyder version if you want.

Solution 2 - Python

Go to Anaconda Naviagator, find spyder,click settings in the top right corner of the spyder update tab

Solution 3 - Python

I see that you used pip to update. This is strongly discouraged (at least in Spyder 3). The Spyder update notices I receive have always included the following:

"IMPORTANT NOTE: It seems that you are using Spyder with Anaconda/Minconda. Please don't use pip to update it as that will probably break your installation. Instead please wait until new conda packages are available and use conda to perform the update."

Solution 4 - Python

Use this conda install spyder=4.0.0 This will not mess up your anaconda dependencies.

Solution 5 - Python

Simply select 'Update Application' after clicking on the settings symbol(top right corner) for Spyder in the Anaconda Navigator console. In my case I just updated it so it's in disabled state.

enter image description here

Solution 6 - Python

make sure you in your base directory.
then conda install spyder will work.
Do it like this: conda install spyder=new_version_number.
new_version_number should be in digits.

Solution 7 - Python

use this command

conda install spyder=5.0.1

this will install the new version or tell you the error

> PackagesNotFoundError: The following packages are not available from > current channels

How to solve the error
1- update your anaconda

conda update anaconda

2- go to anaconda then spyder

enter image description here

or use this command

conda install spyder=5.0.0

Solution 8 - Python

One way to avoid errors during installing or updating packages is to run the Anaconda prompt as Administrator. Hope it helps!

Solution 9 - Python

You can easily install update version if you use Anaconda by closing Spyder and then running the following command in a system terminal (Anaconda Prompt on Windows, xterm on Linux or on macOS):

conda install spyder= Your desire version

(For example, Version is 3.1)

conda install spyder=3.1

Or you can use pip with this command in a system terminal (cmd.exe on Windows, xterm on Linux or on macOS):

pip install --pre -U spyder

Note: Do not use this command if you are using Anaconda because it could break your installation.

Solution 10 - Python

Using pip directly:

WARNING: This will break your Anaconda Installation as described by Spyder maintainer in the comments below; you can try this solution only if the solution mentioned above that use Conda do not work

> pip install --upgrade spyder

You might get an error once launching the new Spyder "nbconvert >= 4.0: None (NOK)", which will require you to resinstall configparser:

> conda uninstall configparser > > conda install configparser

You should now have a fresh and up to date installation of Spyder.

Solution 11 - Python

This worked for me: conda install --force-reinstall pyqt qt
Based on this

Solution 12 - Python

In iOS,

  • Open Anaconda Navigator
  • Launch Spyder
  • Click on the tab "Consoles" (menu bar)
  • Then, "New Console"
  • Finally, in the console window, type conda update spyder

Your computer is going to start downloading and installing the new version. After finishing, just restart Spyder and that's it.

Solution 13 - Python

It's very easy just in 2 click

  1. Open Anaconda Navigator
  2. Go to Spyder icon
  3. Click on settings logo top-right coner of spider box
  4. Click update application

That it Happy coding

Solution 14 - Python

My solution was uninstalla spyder and installa again. Solved my problem:

conda uninstall spyder
conda install spyder=5


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