How to Turn Off Showing Whitespace Characters in Visual Studio IDE

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I don't know what I did but I don't know how to get rid of those arrows on the left.

alt text

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Solution 1 - Visual Studio

CTRL+R, CTRL+W : Toggle showing whitespace

or under the Edit Menu:

  • Edit -> Advanced -> View White Space

[BTW, it also appears you are using Tabs. It's common practice to have the IDE turn Tabs into spaces (often 4), via Options.]

Solution 2 - Visual Studio

In Visual Studio 2010 the key sequence CTRL+E, S will also toggle display of whitespace characters.

Solution 3 - Visual Studio

In Visual Studio 2015 From the top menu

Edit -> Advanced -> View White Space

or CTRL + E, S

Solution 4 - Visual Studio

If the Toggle Visual Space icon shall be added to a Visual Studio toolbar of your choice, because it shall be turned on and off via mouse click, then follow this instruction:

  1. Customize the desired toolbar

  2. Click on Customize...

  3. Click on Add Command...

  4. Go to Edit and chose Toggle Visual Space

  5. Click on OK

Tested with Visual Studio 2019.

Solution 5 - Visual Studio

CTRL+SHIFT+* is the de-facto standard key combination for showing/hiding whitespace characters in all Microsoft products that support this feature.

P.S: * refers to 8- * key, not to numeric keypad * key.

Solution 6 - Visual Studio

for VS code and later versions Ctrl + P to open and then writing Whitespace, you can select the View: Toggle Render Whitespace


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