How to tell py.test to skip certain directories?

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I tried to use the norecursedirs option inside setup.cfg to tell py.test not to collect tests from certain directories but it seems it does ignore it.


When I run py.test I do see how it does get tests from inside lib/third!

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Solution 1 - Python

py.test --ignore=somedir worked for me

Solution 2 - Python

If you have several directories with different parents you can specify different --ignore parameters:

py.test --ignore=somedir --ignore=otherdir --ignore=etcdir

> - new option: --ignore will prevent specified path from collection.
Can be specified multiple times.

Solution 3 - Python

I solved the mystery: If a pytest section is found in one of the possible config files (pytest.ini, tox.ini and setup.cfg), pytest will not look for any others so be sure you define the py.test options in a single file.

I would suggest using setup.cfg.

Solution 4 - Python

You can use

py.test -k 'not third'

that excludes all 'third' directory contents.

Solution 5 - Python

In my case, the issue was the missing wildcard. The following works for me:

norecursedirs = subpath/*

whereas just norecursedirs = subpath didn't.

Solution 6 - Python

norecursedirs should work. Check whether you have a pytest.ini or other setup.cfg files. How are you invoking py.test?

Solution 7 - Python

If you are using setup.cfg, you have to use [tool:pytest] as per

> # content of pytest.ini
> # can also be defined in tox.ini or setup.cfg file, although the section
> # name in setup.cfg files should be "tool:pytest"

Solution 8 - Python

To use pytest.ini (which is recommended, unless you're using tox in which case tox.ini would make sense), call pytest with pytest -c pytest.ini.

In order to prevent my sample and from being tested or linted, my pytest.ini is as follows:

addopts = --ignore-glob=not_me_*

ignore = not_me_* ALL


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