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Using IntelliJ IDEA 15, I get these constant and annoying documentation popups whenever my mouse is anywhere in the code window for a decompiled class (from a 3rd party jar). It will popup docs for whatever variable/method/class/anything happens to be near my mouse. If my mouse is not near any lines of code, it will popup for the current classfile, so basically I can't browse code unless I move my mouse to another window.

It only happens with decompiled classes, not my normal code. How do I stop these?

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Go to File>Settings>Editor>General - in the section 'Other', uncheck 'Show quick documentation on mouse move'.

In later versions of IntelliJ, the path is File>Settings>Editor>Code Editing, and it is under the "Quick Documentation" section.

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In my cause, 'Show quick documentation on mouse move' was in Editor > Code Editing:

enter image description here

Solution 3 - Intellij Idea

If you want the documentation bubble but not the popup window, do this:

Place your text cursor on some text which causes the popup.

Press ctrl + q (or whatever keyboard shortcut you have for quick documentation) a couple of times until the popup window disappears, the quick documentation will then revert to the "bubble" on hover.

Solution 4 - Intellij Idea

Under the File/Settings/.., at the top search bar, type in for "Quick Documentation", will point to the location. enter image description here

Solution 5 - Intellij Idea

Press <F1> button to show/hide this pop-up.


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