How to specify data attributes in razor, e.g., data-externalid="23151" on @this.Html.CheckBoxFor(...)


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@this.Html.CheckBoxFor(m => m.MyModel.MyBoolProperty, new { @class="myCheckBox", extraAttr="23521"})

With razor, I'm unable to specify values for data- attributes such as data-externalid="23521"

Is there a way to do this using @this.Html.CheckBoxFor(...)?

C# Solutions

Solution 1 - C#

    m => m.MyModel.MyBoolProperty, 
    new { 
        @class = "myCheckBox", 
        data_externalid = "23521"

The _ will automatically be converted to - in the resulting markup:

<input type="checkbox" name="MyModel.MyBoolProperty" data-externalid="23521" class="myCheckBox" />

And that's true for all Html helpers taking a htmlAttributes anonymous object as argument, not only the CheckBoxFor helper.


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