How to set focus to a materialUI TextField?

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How can I set the focus on a material-ui TextField component?

componentDidMount() {

I have tried above code, but it does not work :(

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Solution 1 - Material Ui

You can use the autoFocus attribute.

<TextField value="some value" autoFocus />

Solution 2 - Material Ui

For React 16.8.6, you should use the inputRef property of TextField to set focus. I tried ref property but it doesn't work.

  inputRef={input => input && input.focus()}

Material-ui doc says: > inputRef: Use this property to pass a ref callback to the native input component.

Solution 3 - Material Ui

autoFocus was also not working for me, perhaps since this is a component that's not mounted when the top-level component loads. I had to do something a lot more convoluted to get it to work:

function AutoFocusTextField(props) {
  const inputRef = React.useRef();

  React.useEffect(() => {
    const timeout = setTimeout(() => {
    }, 100);

    return () => {
  }, []);

  return <TextField inputRef={inputRef} {...props} />;

Note that for some reason it does not work without the setTimeout. For more info see

Solution 4 - Material Ui

If you are using material-ui TextField and react functional component, you can pass inputRef in your TextField component. The trick here is the if condition if(input != null).

    inputRef={(input) => {
      if(input != null) {

Here is an working example for you. CodeSandBox- Material-ui-TextFieldFocus

Solution 5 - Material Ui

This will focus the component every time it renders. Other solutions I tried only focus the element an initial time.

  const inputRef = React.useRef<HTMLInputElement>();
  useEffect(() => {
  }, [inputRef.current]);

  const setTextInputRef = (element: HTMLInputElement) => {
    inputRef.current = element;
  return (

Solution 6 - Material Ui

 const handleClick =  () => {
   inputRef.current.firstChild.placeholder = '';
        placeholder="search" />
    <Button onClick={handleClick}>Click</Button>

Solution 7 - Material Ui

This code is actually good, but has a drawback, on every render it's going to create a new function. It easily can be solved using useCallback

  inputRef={input => input && input.focus()}

Should be

const callbackRef = useCallback((inputElement) => {
     if (inputElement) {
 }, []);

Solution 8 - Material Ui

add this propery to your TextField component :

inputRef={(input) => input?.focus()}

Solution 9 - Material Ui

I am using this solution, works for text fields inspired by

const useFocus = (): [any, () => void] => {
    const htmlElRef: MutableRefObject<any> = useRef<HTMLDivElement>();
    const setFocus = (): void => {
        if (!htmlElRef || !htmlElRef.current) return
        const div = htmlElRef.current as HTMLDivElement
        if (!div) return
        const input = div.querySelector("input")
        if (input) input.focus()
    return [htmlElRef, setFocus];

export function MyComp() {
  const [ref, setFocus] = useFocus()
  // use setFocus() to focus the input field

  return <Input ref={ref} />

Solution 10 - Material Ui

For a material ui TextField you need to input the props for autoFocus in a inputProps object like this.

 <TextField inputProps={{ autoFocus: true }} />

Solution 11 - Material Ui

AlienKevin is correct ( pass a ref callback to "TextField.inputProps" ), but you can also save the element reference on your "this" object, so that you can set focus later. Here is an example in Coffeescript:

		ref: (el)=>
			if el?
				@input_element = el



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