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I have found that I have two "survey_id" columns in my schema and that's been causing some problems for me. Specifically I need to remove the second index as I don't want survey_id to be unique.

 add_index "completions", ["survey_id"], name: "index_completions_on_survey_id"
 add_index "completions", ["survey_id"], name: "index_completions_on_survey_id_and_user_id", unique: true

I've tried

def change
   remove_index "completions", ["survey_id"], name => "index_completions_on_survey_id_and_user_id"


def change
   remove_index "completions", ["survey_id"], name: "index_completions_on_survey_id_and_user_id"

But neither of those seem to work. What's the correct syntax for this migration to remove the index? I feel like this is basic and I'm just missing something stupid. Thanks in advance!

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You don't supply the columns in the index when removing one. Try:

remove_index :completions, name: "index_completions_on_survey_id_and_user_id"

Solution 2 - Ruby on-Rails

From rails console, run following

ActiveRecord::Migration.remove_index "completions", name: "index_completions_on_survey_id_and_user_id"

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You can supply the column name(s) to remove_index. The remove_index method takes table_name and options as parameters. With the options passed in the name of the index is determined via index_name_for_remove private method, which simply does (if it is an array):

column_names = Array(options).map(&:to_s)

if column_names.any?
  checks << lambda { |i| i.columns.join('_and_') == column_names.join('_and_') }

Examples from the API documentation:

Removes the index on branch_id in the accounts table if exactly one such index exists.

remove_index :accounts, :branch_id


remove_index :accounts, column: :branch_id

Removes the index on branch_id and party_id in the accounts table if exactly one such index exists.

remove_index :accounts, column: [:branch_id, :party_id]

Removes the index named by_branch_party in the accounts table.

remove_index :accounts, name: :by_branch_party

Apart from the above, you could just do:

remove_index :accounts, %i[branch_id party_id]

Solution 4 - Ruby on-Rails

The accepted answer here doesn't work when you need to roll back the migration, it will be given ActiveRecord::IrreversibleMigration error.

remove_index is only reversible if given a :column option.

def change
  remove_index "completions", column: [:survey_id], name: "index_completions_on_survey_id_and_user_id"

this will remove the index and also reversible.


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