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I've a file called demo.php where I don't have any GET variables in the URL, so if I want to hide a button if am on this page I can't use something like this:

if($_GET['name'] == 'value') {
} else {

So I want something like

$filename = //get file name
if($filename == 'file_name.php') {
} else {

I don't want to declare unnecessary GET variables just for doing this...

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Solution 1 - Php

You can use basename() and $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] to get current page file name

echo basename($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']); /* Returns The Current PHP File Name */

Solution 2 - Php

$_SERVER["PHP_SELF"]; will give you the current filename and its path, but basename(__FILE__) should give you the filename that it is called from.


if(basename(__FILE__) == 'file_name.php') {
} else {

should do it.

Solution 3 - Php

In your case you can use __FILE__ variable !
It should help.
It is one of predefined.
Read more about predefined constants in PHP


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