How to find out if a Timer is running?


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If I have an instance of a System.Timers.Timer that has a long interval - say 1 minute, how can I find out if it is started without waiting for the Tick?

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System.Timer.Timer.Enabled should work, when you call "Start" it sets Enabled to TRUE, "Stop" sets it to FALSE.

Solution 2 - .Net

if (timer1.Enabled)
   // Do Something

Solution 3 - .Net

If Timer.Enabled is true, your timer is running.

Calling Timer.Start sets Enabled to true.

Calling Timer.Stop sets Enabled to false.

If Timer.AutoReset is true, then Enabled will automatically be set to false the first time the timer expires.

Solution 4 - .Net

Use the timer's Enabled property.

Solution 5 - .Net

You should check that timer is enabled


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