How to fetch data from local JSON file on react native?

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How can I store local files such as JSON and then fetch the data from controller?

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Solution 1 - Json

Since React Native 0.4.3 you can read your local JSON file like this:

const customData = require('./customData.json');

and then access customData like a normal JS object.

Solution 2 - Json

ES6/ES2015 version:

import customData from './customData.json';

Solution 3 - Json

For ES6/ES2015 you can import directly like:

// example.json
    "name": "testing"

// ES6/ES2015
// app.js
import * as data from './example.json';
const word =;
console.log(word); // output 'testing'

If you use typescript, you may declare json module like:

// tying.d.ts
declare module "*.json" {
    const value: any;
    export default value;

Solution 4 - Json

Use this

import data from './customData.json';

Solution 5 - Json

The following ways to fetch local JSON file-

ES6 version:

import customData from './customData.json'; or import customData from './customData';

If it's inside .js file instead of .json then import like -

import { customData } from './customData';

for more clarification/understanding refer example - Live working demo

Solution 6 - Json

maybe you could use AsyncStorage setItem and getItem...and store the data as string, then use the json parser for convert it again to json...

Solution 7 - Json

Take a look at this Github issue:

They are trying to require non-JSON files, in particular JSON. There is no method of doing this right now, so you either have to use AsyncStorage as @CocoOS mentioned, or you could write a small native module to do what you need to do.


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