how to disable spellcheck Android edittext


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I want to remove the underlines from texts inside edittext fields. text fileds with underlined texts inside

How can I do that?

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Solution 1 - Android

You can do it with following code. Just paste it in layout of EditText.


Solution 2 - Android

In order to get rid of spell checking you have to specify the EditText's InputType in the XML as the following:


However, if your EditText is multiline and also you need to get rid of spell checking,then you have to specify the EditText's InputType in the XML as the following:


Solution 3 - Android

Minor addition to Chintan's answer - such (and other) combination is also allowed:


Solution 4 - Android

Or if you want to just disable the red underline (and the autocorrect dialog), you can override the isSuggestionsEnabled() method on TextView.

This will keep the keyboard autocomplete working.

Solution 5 - Android

I just Added a line in for EditText editText.setInputType(InputType.TYPE_TEXT_FLAG_NO_SUGGESTIONS);

and it worked fine for me.

Solution 6 - Android

So I was not able to find out any direct way of doing it. So went ahead with below workaround:


As the input type becomes a visible password, even if the spell check is enabled from the device settings, the Red underline won't appear. :)


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