How to disable parameter name hints in PhpStorm?


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Is there any way to disable the hints?

Parameter hints

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Solution 1 - Phpstorm

A bit of general info on parameter names hints can be found in this official introduction blog post:

Now back to the actual question:

NOTE: It's all working since 2017.1 version

Either right click on such parameter and choose appropriate action from the menu

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or go via Settings/Preferences directly:

Settings/Preferences | Editor | Appearance --> Show parameter names hints

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In latest 2019.3 version this option is now located at Settings/Preferences | Editor | Inlay Hints where you can configure that on per supported language basis:

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If you wish to customize colors used to display such hints (especially viable for custom color schemes that use dark background colors) then please do it at

  1. Settings/Preferences
  2. Editor | Colors & Fonts | Language Defaults
  3. Inline parameter hints node.

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Solution 2 - Phpstorm

Put your cursor on the hint, and click Alt + Enter on Windows, Option + Enter on a Mac, or right-click on any platform.

Do not show hints for current method

If you want to manually blacklist methods, open Preferences -> Appearance -> Show parameter hint names -> Configure and then add the one you want hidden to the list:


This uses pattern matching, you can replace parameterName with a * to match all overloads or put it somewhere else to match a wider range of methods.


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